Friday, September 16, 2016

Suns eclipse Spurs for second straight home loss, Gasol misses at buzzer

The Spurs and Suns both struggled to score in this game, and it came down to a single shot with a chance to send the fans home happy, but Gasol's shot down low (and it was a great shot opportunity) rattled out of the basket at the buzzer. The Suns singed the Spurs, 99-98, and outscored them 29-17 in the second quarter as it became apparent the Suns were visiting San Antone to leave with a win.

Manu Ginobili really struggle, missing all 5 of his shots, and even Danny Green couldn't hit a lick missing all eight of his three-pointer attempts.

Eric Bledsoe dished out 13 assists, especially to Alex Len who had a great showing, forcing the Spurs to respond, with 19 points and 12 rebounds. Despite the loss, the Spurs big three had a good showing and this game got away from them. Tony Parker is improving as the leader, with 20 points; Kawhi Leonard had 20 points/8 rebounds/7 assists and Pau Gasol had 24 points.

It's rough losing two straight games at home, but it's part of the game.